State Farm Offers Property and Business Professional Liability Insurance Packages

Looking for professional liability insurance for your business? State Farm has a variety of packages to choose from. Learn more about what’s available and select the package that best fits your needs.

1. Business Organizations

Property and business professional liability insurance is an important part of any organization’s risk management strategy. In the event that something goes wrong, property and business professional liability insurance can help cover the financial losses that may arise as a result.

State Farm offers a variety of packages designed to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes. These packages include coverage for both property damage and personal injury, as well as products such as product recall insurance and cyber security protection. By protecting your business from potential litigation risks, you can ensure that you continue to operate in an environment free from disruption or loss.

2. Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations

While businesses of all sizes are susceptible to risk, non-profits and charitable organizations face unique risks that must be taken into account. Non-profits typically have no ownership stake in the company or organization; they operate solely for the benefit of their mission or social cause. This makes them vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals or companies who feel they have been wronged Non-profits and charitable organizations can also fall victim to theft, vandalism, and fraud.

As business professional liability insurance provider State Farm points out, nonprofit organizations “face many of the same legal risks as businesses—including product defects, negligence by employees, violations of contract, copyright infringement and more” (emphasis added). Even though these businesses may not generate direct revenue like a for-profit business would, any harm done will still be costly. The costliest case State Farm has ever handled involved a religious group that was sued for child sexual abuse.


The settlement totaled over $20 million dollars State Farm offers several liability insurance packages specifically designed for nonprofits and charitable organizations: Business Professional Liability Insurance Package , which provides coverage for general business liabilities such as wrongful conduct by employees; Contractor Liability Insurance Package which covers personal injury caused by work activities on behalf of your nonprofit ; Property & Casualty Insurance Package which includes coverages such as property damage and bodily injury; Terrorism Coverage protects against acts of terrorism carried out against your organization while it is conducting its official duties Allstate also offers special rates specifically tailored towards nonprofits.

3. Farm/Ranch Operations

If you are running a farm or ranch, it is important to have property and business professional liability insurance in place. This type of insurance can protect you from potential lawsuits.

Property and business professional liability insurance can help protect you if someone is harmed while on your property, or if you make a mistake that leads to a lawsuit.


Business professionals who work on farms or ranches should have this coverage to cover their personal assets as well. Farmers and ranchers need the proper tools for safe operations so they can focus on their crops and animals instead of worry about potential legal issues.

State Farm offers several different types of coverage, including agricultural products liability, commercial auto., workers’ compensation (for employees), product liability (for products sold), real estate/landlord-tenant indemnity, general professional Liability Coverage with Umbrella Coverage for Businesses Outside the US.

4. Professional Service Organizations

Property and business professional liability insurance is a necessity for professionals who provide services to the public businesses that offer services to the public are at an increased risk of liability. This increased risk can come from any number of reasons, including unintentional mistakes or lapses in judgement, injuries caused by customers or clients, and more.

State Farm offers a variety of coverage options to fit your organization’s needs. Whether you’re an individual freelancer working on your own behalf, part of a small business with limited insurance options, or operate as an agency providing service to multiple customers—State Farm has got you covered. You can find information about each policy type below:

  • Individual Business Coverage
  • Freelance Protection
  • Agencies/Diversified Services Coverage
  • Multi-Client Service Organizations Coverage

5. Homeowner Associations

Homeowner associations are a common type of organization that needs professional liability insurance. State Farm offers property and business professional liability insurance for homeowner associations.
Homeowner associations can be protected from some types of lawsuits, such as personal injury claims and invasion of privacy claims:

  1. Homeowner association members can sue each other in civil court if there is a dispute between them about the use or maintenance of the shared common area, such as an adjacent driveway or patio
  2. If someone violates your right to privacy by accessing your files without your permission, you may be able to file a lawsuit against that person
  3. Homeowners who are injured while on their own property (not related to their duties as an owner) may have legal rights
  4. if they were acting in the course and scope of their occupation when they were injured
  5. Property owners whose properties are used for purposes which violate applicable law governing homeowner associations can also face legal action from homeowners’ association members


State Farm is committed to protecting the personal and financial interests of its customers, employees, and business partners. This is why it offers a variety of insurance packages to help safeguard individuals and businesses in different situations. If you’re ever in a situation where you think you may have been damaged by another party, be sure to contact State Farm for advice. You may be able to get coverage that would protect you financially no matter what happens.

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